The growth of AI

The growth of AI

Well all hear about Artificial Intelligence, the rise of the robot and the fact that machines will rule the world. Well let us add to that fear... AI is growing!

Not really growth in the terms of "it got smarter" but growing use and implemented use. For example, a while ago we looked into the chat bots and how they learned to find smarter answers to common problems. As an example a user turns to live chat to ask a question on their flight ticket. The chat bot has a range of answers to choose from, by taking the concept of the question equates to a ticket question, a question about the seat allocation means the AI can now issue an answer and see if it was successful.

If our chatbot succeeds, then questions of this type will get that same answer. When a failure is detected a different answer is issued and again the AI can learn why it was wrong and what was right.

Ok, enough of the artificial machine learning, how is it growing? Looking at Sweden, Germany, Finland, Japan, Austria, United States - to name a few - have all seen growth circa 30%+ in the employment of artificial intelligence for not just online services but in terms of data mining, pattern detection, police and goverment agency use. Quite a range of applications and uses all the way down to the search box you typed a question into on your browser!

We also see a rise in "intelligent automation" where AI is being used to automate tasks previously not something that was adaptive. Lets take an example here, imagine a picker robot, something that drives up and down rows of shelves and chooses a package from a location and returns that to a destination. Software can be set so the robot knows exactly where to look and what weight to lift and how hard to grip and the return route.

Imagine a box split, the rbot is now blocked if the path has an obstruction. All other robots who use that path will also be blocked. What if the package changes dimension. Weight or quantity changes... So adding AI allows the robot to re-route, choose the right box even if it is a different size and weight. No more fixed robot, now you have a an adaptive robot that is resilient to change and can excercise a limited descision set to overcome otherwise blocking operations.


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