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Online casino

The competition among online casinos has become tougher, because operators are trying to make applications as interesting and comfortable as possible for players. Innovative companies are gaining a significant competitive advantage: as the largest online poker resource PokerStars, which recently announced its VR project.
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More and more companies are turning to the use of new technologies, in particular artificial intelligence. This article presents 5 ways AI can be used to give online casinos a competitive edge.

AI as virtual players
Artificial intelligence can play like real people. And even a little better. DeepStack AI has become a well-known development in this area.

During testing, the neural network played 44,852 deals against 33 members of the International Poker Federation. During all games, the AI ??showed a success result of 492 mbb / g (milli-big-blinds per game). For comparison: among experienced players, 100 mbb / g is already considered quite high.

AI as a tool to combat gambling addiction
Fighting gambling addiction is a trend in online gambling in recent years. Many operators are trying to prevent the emergence of gambling addiction in order to make gambling in their establishment controlled and safe.

The new version of the BetBuddy platform, a well-known software developer, has become one of the leading developments in this area. It monitors casino gambling and user behavior using AI.

BetBuddy detects suspicious behavior using a neural network that analyzes user activity. Problematic players will be asked to set game limits or temporarily block their account.

AI as a way to retain customers
Last year, BtoBet presented an innovative AI platform for online casinos. Its main task is to capture the actions of the players and react to them, identifying the potential needs of the user.

The platform analyzes and reacts to the behavioral characteristics of players on social networks, mobile applications, search queries, etc. Thus, AI predicts expectations, and the platform can understand and fulfill the requests of even the most demanding online casino visitors.

Chatbots as a Help for Users
The larger the company, the more time and money it takes for customer support. To minimize these costs, a company can use a chatbot. It can be created by a development team, the main thing is to choose a platform for it.

For example, at the beginning of 2016, Facebook and Telegram announced special chat bots to simplify some functions. However, while Facebook is just introducing its bot, Telegram has already released the second version.

AI as systems for cybersecurity
Fraud is a headache for online casino owners. For example, Richard Marcus once circled online gambling establishments for almost $ 5 million. Now, thanks to artificial intelligence, it is possible to identify any suspicious user activity.

For example, game software developer Sirplay began using mathematical algorithms to set limits on suspicious bets. If the operator can see that there is not a single negative value in the client's results for a long time, he is immediately blocked. The company is now operating in emerging markets where static AI is helping investors who lack extensive knowledge of the industry and its dangers.

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