iGaming a year in review

iGaming a year in review

Despite a difficult year globally for the economy the iGaming and crypto markets continued to grow. Even with this growth the investors remain shy and `old money` is hesitant. Why? Well, one of the main problems for the investors of this market lies in a lack of reasonable government regulation, but even here the year 2019 looks optimistic.

Part of the freedom that crypto allows is the fact it is not controlled by the seemingly staid banking regulators. Part of the fragility and seeming volatility is exactly the same reason. Investors want some form of guarentee or at least a watchdog to make sure the rules are respected. However, some of the rules means someone is watching and when that happens Tax is usually involved too.

Growth in the online gambling industry is showing and this is a big lift for prospectors and early adoptors of tech companies and smaller casino operators. While land-based gambling still dwarfs the online offer, specific regions are starting to level out. In some parts, land based can lose in the industry due to strict government regulations, which are a huge constraint for players in the market. However, a major driver in the online industry is the opening up of new markets in countries like USA and Europe where certain states are allowing legal online gambling.

Our prediction for 2019 is a visible shift from Land based to online, just as we already see a huge sway from Desktop to device, the online chip counters are starting to take over.


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