FA and Clubs use big data and analytics

FA and Clubs use big data and analytics

The role of sports science data (or data gained in sport) in football has motivated the FA to gain insight from clubs on how teams and players are being trained and how they perfrom.

Within the last ten years football clubs have been investing in analytics to provide insights focused around the development of training programmes and other areas of team development. The biggest advantage data and analytics can yeild - competitor analysis and predictability.

With the clubs getting more and more advanced, it is easier to see how certain players aquire such price tags and yet so much head scratching as to why they are being bought. The often overlooked issue is making that team member fit into a massively complex puzzle. It is not just skill, but many of the everyday play techniques that we analise.

Injury time - How many times have they been injured, likelyhood for that injury to incur performance issues. How much contact a player has with a ball, the amount of play and space they occupy. Data is being used to compliment, bind, train teams and also to predict many options for a game.

Gareth Southgate knows the value of this data, the results of clubs around the UK and Europe is evendent as the game becomes tactical and ever more complex. We can be sure this data analysis is making their lives easier but we do still need to remember, there is a human element behind it.

Sounds like a video game in your living room, but the clubs are employing software to replay matches and variables are being played out. The beautiful game now has beautiful data.


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