Exploding Casino Games

Exploding Casino Games

So far in 2019 all our data is showing the big shift to online casino and gaming has started. This will keep increasing as the governments are moving to regulate this practice, creating more gaps in this market. We already know more and more people discover betting online is so easy, some of the bigger name betting companies have very slick device (tablet/mobile phone) based websites and with such ease of use the betting slip is almost forgotten.

So what do we consider the "Growth factors" of the iGaming industry in 2019?

Improved features in gaming offerings, such as the introduction of live casino games, have helped increase the number of players, since they’d rather see the dealer “face-to-face” than play through a computer simulation. Gaming machines with very nice features, not just the "one arm bandit" but very polished looking games with bonus features and boosters, seemingly to offer the user more control of their win.

Social acceptance and the image of casino games being sleazy or "a problem". Look how the UK market has turned jaded old Bingo into a hip and trendy game where young ladies go to play and socialise. E-sports and now there is even betting on the matches, not just football but even team games involving combat in war simulations.

Such diversity now offers gamers a market, once thought of as "dodgy" or "dangerous" to be a trustworthy and socially accpetable place to enjoy some activities. From team sports online, to the arena, a bet on a horse or spin of the slot machine. Online is now a safe secure place to play for the consumer and the growth is incredible.

Legislation in the gaming sphere is another great factor, the USA being a big focus through this year as the market really starts to open up. Other countries also looking to have legal gaming, online not land based, so they don't miss out on the extra revenue it creates. With the new territory comes a swathe of new users, keen to try and explore your offerings.

Card and processors also moving into new territory, countries that once had a very poor reputation, due to economy or government, now standing tall and being recognoised. Economic growth in these regions means more people having access to funds and this also shows south america is an emerging growth zone.


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