Casino scams

Casino scams

The largest fraudulent betting situations

During the period of active introduction of AI into online gambling, the number of fraud cases has decreased.
Here are some unique cheating systems that gamblers have managed to pull off at different periods in the development of the gambling industry.

How Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo Turned the Sound of Roulette into $ 2 000 000

To implement the plan, Garcia Pelayo recorded and listened to hundreds of hours of casino spinning roulette. He noticed that some sounds are repeated more often than others. With the help of a computer, he calculated the numbers and on the very first night of checking the scheme, he won 600 thousand euros in a Madrid casino. The next target was Las Vegas, where he won $ 2 mil. He was escorted out of the casino and blacklisted. As a result of the trial, he managed to prove that there was nothing illegal in his actions, but he was not allowed to the casino.

Absolute Poker Management Claims $ 1 000 000 In Prize Pool During Tournament

In 2007, Marco Johnson participated in an online poker tournament and reached the final table. There was about $ 30,000 at stake, but the guy never won. The game was quite tense and chaotic, and at the end he decided to request a printout of his moves from the provider. By mistake, he was sent the moves of all tournament participants. He noticed a suspicious system in the actions of two players. A certain Potripper, who won the tournament, made certain moves at the moment when another player with the nickname # 363 was included in the broadcast. Marco reported this to the company's support team, and it turned out that the former COO of Absolute Poker was playing under the pseudonym Potripper, and player # 363 is one of the owners of the company, Scott Tom. It turned out that they had access to all hands of clients throughout the tournament, thanks to which they won about $ 1 000 000 .

Radio controlled roulette ball

‌In the 70s, an amateur radio mechanic decided to mount a weightless radio receiver in a roulette ball. His fiancée with a radio was playing at the table, he was a few meters away and was sending a signal. The radio mechanic's brother was at the same table and made bets as cover to increase the bets on winnings. The total profit of the scammers was estimated at $ 1 000 000. The gang was revealed through the fault of the bride. She caught the attention of the casino owner, but rejected his advances. From that moment on, the security service began to closely monitor her every night's activity and found an explanation for the losses of the hall. All fraudsters were arrested, and after this incident, radio frequency jammers were installed in the halls of casinos.


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