AI system for a ship will dramatically reduce its CO2 emissions

AI system for a ship will dramatically reduce its CO2 emissions

Researchers from the University of Southampton in the UK have developed a new digital AI system for marine vessels. According to the university's news portal, it saves more than 250 thousand tons of CO2 emissions.

The app is based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and is embedded in the dashboard. The system was named Just Add Water (JAWS). JAWS is capable of analyzing and interpreting information to optimize the amount of fuel and energy needed in any given situation.

The system collects and processes a large array of data on the current tilt angle, the depth of the ship's subsidence, the level of pollution and other characteristics, on which the level of energy consumption depends.

“Thanks to machine learning algorithms, it is now possible to analyze historical data on both current and previous voyages of ships and predict future energy consumption with high accuracy,” says graduate student Amy Parks, author of the methodology.

AI system already works on several ships
The first JAWS launch took place in a fleet of more than a dozen 300-meter vessels. They transported liquefied natural gas for 12 months.

Thanks to the AI ??system, it was possible to prevent carbon dioxide emissions in the amount of 250 thousand tons. That's the equivalent of $ 90 million in fuel savings.

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